kitesurfing course

Note from the instructor

“The less per instructor, the faster you will learn“

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Brining our students safely through their kitesurfing course is our highest priority. Therefore, we teach always by The Danish Sailing Union guidelines and the use of common sense, to ensure that all precautions are taken. Moreover you are always insured on our courses.

How does a kitesurfing work out?

A kitesurfing course always starts on land. Here we start by how to control the kite, with a miniature model of the real kite, a “trainer kite”. It typically takes 30-45 minutes and then we change to wetsuit. When everyone is suited, there is a 30-minute rigging and safety instruction of handling of the kite. When the kite has been launched, we walk into the water – here the instructor will show a lot of fun exercises for learning the kite to know. It takes some time to get used to the kite and some students pick it faster than others. Only when you’ve got full control of the kite you can proceed to the board – typically this is after 4-6 hours. Depending on whether you have no experience or maybe have been practicing wakeboarding, windsurfing or snowboarding, it takes anywhere between 10 minutes and 10 hours before you get up and get the first meters on the board!

We know that instructor hours are expensive hours, therefore we always work toward making you independent. A good indicator of when you are skilled enough to go by yourself complete a kitesurfer 1 diplom (We will translate it into english at the course). It typically takes 6-9 hours to acquire such a diplom and then you can then go out on your own and practice until you need a helping hand with the board technique and so on. The most important parts to become independent is that you can rig and launche, and trigger the safety system on the kite yourself. Dealings with the kite over land is highly risky and therefore we are taking no chances when it comes to our endorsement of your qualifications. We are accountable for your safety, and remember that it is the instructors assessment of whether you meet the requirements and we do not compromise on individual items.

When booking a kitesurfing course at KITEpro, you will be assigned to an area. Depending on how the weather behaves, we may have to change location. You can always write what spot you prefer, but unfortunately we do not master the windspeed and winddirection, so sometimes we may have to move to another beach where the conditions fits. You can see which spots we teach at here .

Once you have found a spot that suits you, then you just book a course. We do a variety of course types. You can see the price list below, otherwise you can tap into and read more details on each course here .

NOTE: We prefer transparency and the fact that you know what you are paying for. So remember when you examine the market for kitesurfing courses, to check how many people you are on the course, that the school is insured and whether it is approved by The Danish Sailing Associationyou get what you pay for. 

kitesurf lesson prices

Type / duration  3 hours 6 hours
Private Lesson 1.695,- 2.695,-
Buddy Lesson  995,- pp 1.595,- pp
Group Lesson 795,- pp 1.195,- pp


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