Spot describtion

Nice local spot on Amager when the wind is too much in east for Sydvestpynten. Nice parking facilities and reasonable launch conditions mainly on grass (very little sand). On a good day it is a 30 min from the center of Copenhagen, but during rush hour it tends to take longer. There are some rocks in the area, and we therefore advise not to go out there on your own without an instructor that can show you out to areas where there are no stones.


kitesurfing nivå

Wind direction

The spot works best in S-SE, but can also work in other directions. We primary use the spot when the direction is too much east for Sydvestpynten

Nice to know

There are a lot of rocks under the surface, so you should NOT go out as a beginner at this spot without an instructor. You need to walk a good good distance in the right direction before you get to a sandbar where there is only stand


  1. Protected from 1/11 to1/4
    2. Watch the thorn bushes!
    3. Visit Cafe Sylten if the wind drops
    4. Can take 45 min. during rush hour
    5. Crowded whem the wind is S-E
  • Søndre Strandvej 50

  • 2791 Dragør

  • Danmark