Sydvestpynten (SVP)


Spot describtion

A nice beginners spot close to Copenhagen. There is a large low water area which makes it ideal for the beginner. There is some marked small stones to beware of and the area is packed with kitesurfers. Super cool spot when you have mastered the kite and can walk safely around and practice yourself, but not the coolest when your green and on your own.


kitesurfing nivå

Wind direction

The only spot close to Copenhagen that works in western wind directions!

Nice to know

Sometimes there can be very shallow and there are some large rocks. However, most are marked with buoys, etc. Good grassy area and a small beach for rigging. There is a small lake that has to be crossed to get out to the kite spot. You can walk through the water or around it. Alternatively, you can park at the beginning of the parking lot, and walk the path to the left, down to the beach. Plenty of room and there is even a metal spike for launching the kite.


  1. Nice area for rigging 
    2. Beautiful spot in Kongelunden
    3. Crowded spot
    4. During rush hour, it can take 50 min. from central city
    5. Nice spot to look at talented kitesurfers!
  • Kalvebodvej 272

  • 2791 Dragør

  • Danmark