Spot description

Nivå is a great beginner spot only half an hour drive from Copenhagen. When the spot works, it’s a super spot! With a long shallow stretch and beautiful surroundings, the spot makes perfect surroundings for learning. There are two large rocks near the exit point, but they are mostly visible – if not, then walk a nice distance out before you begin to practice!



Wind direction

The spot is located next to Øresund, which means that it only works in the NNE-SSE. During the danish summer there are often wind from the east, but the windspeed are often warm and light when it comes from the east, and that is why the spot is not working that often.

Nice to know

The spot does not work that often, as it is often very light wind, but when it works it’s super cool! However, one must bare in mind that it is close to Copenhagen and there can be a lot of people if it is the weekend, the wind is on and the sun is high on the sky.


  1. Always nice people
    2. Small nice waves for jumping
    3. Perfect for bringing along family!
    4. During the public holidays, it can be a struggle to find a place to rig
    5. Great ice cream store next to the beach!
  • Nivå Strandpark 2

  • 2990 Nivå

  • Danmark