Spot description

Lynæs is one of the best, if not the best beginners spot in Denmark! There is plenty of room to launch, rigging and practicing with trainer kites. There is a huge spit of shallow water that makes it easy to find space to practice without lying right next to each other. There are always people in Lynæs, so do not fear that there is no one to launch your kite or take a chat about the session of the day. There are a lot of beginners making it a little easier to feel at ease when you are completely green.

There is a fish shop and a restaurant right next door and there are always parking spaces.



Wind direction

Lynæs located on a point, so you can go in almost any wind direction. When the wind blows it always blows in Lynæs! 

When it blows from the north, the water is typically quite deep, it’s cold wind and you will need to walk up to the white house (Djursnæs) because there is no wind at the parking lot. It is not allowed to rig at the White House, so you have to launch at the parking lot and walk to the white house ..

Nice to know

Lynæs is one of the only places where you can rent kitesurf equipment in Zealand. You can rent for one hour, three hours or an entire day. Lynæs Surfcenter has all equipment for wind conditions and SUPs if the wind drops. For opening hours see Lynæs Surfcenter


  1. The best beginner spot in DK
    2. There is a little surf shop at the spot
    3. Perfect for bringing along family
    4. If there is wind, there’s always in Lynæs
    5. There is always people in Lynæs to launch your kite
  • Lynæs Havnevej 8

  • 3390 Hundested

  • Danmark